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Vision and Mission

square scnv11Christ is the foundation of the whole educational enterprise in a Catholic school. His revelation gives new meaning to life and helps direct thought, action and will according to the Gospel, making the beatitudes the norm of life. (N.34 The Catholic School 1977)

As a Catholic learning community we are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching.  We draw inspiration from the life of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels and from the lives of St Francis and St Clare.  We promote our Catholic identity and the traditions of the Catholic Church in many ways. It is visible in the symbols of our Catholic faith and through our provision of quality prayer experiences, liturgical celebrations, formation experiences and our commitment to parish life.


To be a school where children learn that they are of great value, that they have many gifts and that they can make the world a better place.

‘A Catholic school where students make a difference in their world.’


To create and maintain a Catholic Learning Community grounded in the person of Jesus, the tradition of the Catholic Church and the lives of Sts Clare and Francis.