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Principal's Message

I welcome you to the St Clare’s website. It is hoped that the information contained in the following pages will assist you in understanding important information about the operation and administration of this school.

St Clare’s strives to be a place of welcome and hospitality, where the students are nurtured into being the ‘best that they can be’. Our vision is best expressed in a desire for our students to make a difference in their world. Within each grade teachers plan for the students to be involved in learning experiences that lead them to want to express their understanding in a way that will make a difference to them personally, their class or the school as a whole.

The school enjoys a positive profile within the wider community through its support of a number of community initiatives. Opportunities are provided for students to engage with and participate in a range of community events.

The school exists within the parochial Parish of St Paul’s Camden and is one of the 30 Catholic Systemic Primary schools from within the Diocese of Wollongong. Over many years our school has experienced a strong connection with the Order of Friars Minor commonly referred to as the Franciscan Order, who for many years ministered to the community in the Narallen Vale - Mt Annan community.