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Prayer and Liturgy

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On many occasions throughout the year the students are able to participate in both Eucharistic and non-eucharistic liturgies, which are designed to give thanks for the many rich blessings we have received here at St Clare’s.

In general, our Parish Priest Fr Michael Williams presides over these ceremonies, which are coordinated through the school. Some of these liturgies are set aside as a whole school celebration, where as many others are grade celebrations that will often focus on an aspect of their classroom learning. The school hall provides a wonderful venue for such celebrations and the opportunity for parents to attend and experience some of the great hospitality that is such a feature of St Clare’s.

On occasions throughout the year the students travel buy bus to St Paul’s, our parish church to celebrate Mass. It is hoped that within a few years we might see the construction of our very own church on the site at the front of the school.