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Gifted Education

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Gifted Education is a shared responsibility between the school, home and parish. The school follows Gagné’s model and he defines giftedness as the possession of natural abilities at levels significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age; that is, giftedness is outstanding potential that may or may not yet be evident in outstanding performance. Gagné defines talent as the achievement or performance of one or more systematically developed skills at a level significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age.

At St Clare’s each student in Year Two and any new student to the school undertakes the ACER General Abilities test which provides an estimate of a students general reasoning ability.

Teachers may devise specific Individual Plans for students who have been formally assessed as Gifted. This may include: 

  • differentiation within the classroom
  • opportunities for growth outside the classroom
  • a variety of grouping strategies
  • modfied reporting procedures