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Student Wellbeing

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Students welfare is of the utmost importance and we are keen to ensure that all of our students enjoy a healthy mind, body and spirit, and we integrate a number of programs to support this. 


Each year the offer is made to students who have experienced grief or loss to attend a special peer support program known as Seasons For Growth. The program is available to all students, however the program operates within three stages, with Stage 1 involving Years 1 & 2 students, Stage 2 involving Year 3 &4 students and Stage 3 involving students from Year 5 & 6. To operate effectively, Seasons for Growth requires a small group (minimum 4 students for each level). This program is facilitated by a trained staff member over an 8 week period during school time.


Each class is paired with another class for the school year. Time is allocated throughout a term for the students from buddy classes to work together. The children spend time reading together, doing craft and getting to know one  another. 


In 2010 the staff recognised the need to support certain individuals and groups within our school who experience difficulty in social interaction on the playground. The staff is involved in the process of identifying students who they feel would benefit from a more structured play experience and invite them to attend Kid’s Club which provides a range of play experiences for the students.

Initially Kid’s Club was developed to support students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), however has been extended to meet the needs of a larger group of children. Kid’s Club is divided in to a junior and senior program and operates 3 days per week during a break time.


Each fortnight we welcome to St Clare’s classes of special needs students from the Mater Dei special school to join with us in our learning. The special visitors are part of an inclusion program from their school Mater Dei, Camden. This program is of great benefit to both the Mater Dei and St Clare’s students. It provides the opportunity for St Clare’s students to value the importance of acceptance and respect for others.