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Pastoral Care

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Catholic schools are founded on the person of Jesus Christ. At St Clare’s all members of the school community, students, parents and staff members should encounter Christ through their interactions with others. Integral to an effective approach towards the Pastoral care of students within a school is the provision of quality learning and teaching, for this ensures the best opportunities in life regardless of circumstances. At times, however students require further intervention and support from personnel both within and outside of the school.

As our Pastoral Care Policy at St Clare’s states we aim to:

  • respect the basic dignity of the human person
  • use the values of Jesus as a means of living out daily life
  • adopt an approach to develop the whole child including the spiritual, academic, social and emotional formation of the individual
  • include care structures which identify and support the special needs of the individual including learning, behavioural and social and emotional needs
  • recognise the need to involve parents in the education of their children
  • provide support and care to those families at significant events in their lives
  • build a school culture that is positive and welcoming through shared responsibility and collaborative supportive networks amongst parents, staff members and students
  • promote a safe environment for all members of the community where people feel valued and respected