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CatholicCare works in partnership with the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wollongong to provide counselling services for students and their families. Our school is fortunate to have available a fully trained, qualified and experienced therapist who has a background working with children, families and individuals through pastoral care, children and youth work, community education and counselling.

The School Counsellor’s role involves supporting the wellbeing and development of students, parents, families and the school community. This may involve assessing and meeting the needs of students through counselling in areas including self-esteem, family and peer relationships, grief and loss, resilience, behavioural issues, child protection, emotional issues and communication, facilitating group work, providing consultation and/or education, resources and referrals to staff and families and generally supporting the school in creating a positive learning environment.

Our Counsellor is available at the school two days per week and can be contacted through the school office. The counsellors can also be contacted at CatholicCare on 4628 0044.

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