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Behaviour Management

SQUARE SOCCERThe Student Behaviour Management Policy is linked to the Pastoral Care Policy and focuses on enhancing the capacity of the school to teach and succeed with all students.

Our behaviour management is focused around a Diocesan school systems approach known as School-wide Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (SPB4L). This approach is a framework that uses relevant school data to guide decision-making. It provides all members of the school community with a common language and a common experience of behavioural expectations. It ultimately leads to increased learning outcomes whilst preventing problem behaviours.

Our school rules are simple and link to this framework and all that we strive to achieve:

  • Respect Ourselves
  • Respect Others
  • Respect the Environment

As part of SPB4L all students are monitored on the playground. Consistent playground behavior is acknowledged through house colour token distribution.

At times a more individualised approach is needed for some students and a Diocesan Individual Behaviour Management Plan is developed by teachers and parents. The shared partnership between home and school is vital in assisting students.