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About Us

Principal's Message
At St Clare's, we strive to provide quality education, so that each student experiences continued improvement in learning and growth in faith.

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What We Offer at
St Clare's
School Vision and Mission
Our Story
School Song and Prayer
Caring for the Environment
At St Clare's, we take an active role in being stewards of the environment. Students participate in a range of initiatives that empower them to care for creation.
Our Catholic Identity and Parish
At the cornerstone of who we are and what we do at St Clare’s is our commitment to the Catholic life of our Church. Our students are actively engaged in faith formation.

Our Staff

At St Clare’s, we have over 30 teaching staff and 10 support staff.
Our staff are professional and committed to the success and wellbeing of every student.

Ms Marg Foldes
Mr Mitchell Elks
Mrs Frances Beringer
Mrs Denise Carney
Mrs Dianne Woodward
Mrs Jennifer English
Mrs Fiona Ripoll
Miss Ally Carter
Mrs Alana Hansen
Mrs Cathy Parsons
Mrs Amber Conlon
Ms Roxanne Maher
Mrs Beonika Dumont
Miss Charmaine Aston
Mrs Katie McLaughlin
Mrs Melissa Scavo
Mr Reece Lake
Mrs Alison McGuire
Mrs Clare Power
Mr Russell Preece
Mrs Sophie Hastie
Mrs Kristen Bond
Mrs Kaelene Harris
Ms Renee Anderson
Mrs Katrina Hobbins
Mr Matthew Birkbeck
Mrs Cecilia McPherson
Mrs Sonia Reid
Mrs Ana De Quintal
Mrs Megan Parkes
Mrs Maree Laws
Mrs Gabriella Lowe
Ms Ann Madsen
Mrs Katrina Crews
Mrs Lauren Storey
Mrs Donna Iles
Mrs Marisa Wynn
Mrs Michelle Korny
Mrs Lisa-Maree Beauchamp
Miss Madelyn Pryor
Mrs Tracey Bond
Mrs Julie Connell
Mrs Karen Fist
Mrs Doris Lunn
Mrs Leanne McMonigal
Mrs Christine Mills
Mrs Michelle Nash
Mrs Gwen Virgo

To apply for any staff positions being advertised at St Clare's, visit the CEDoW Positions Vacant page.