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Our Catholic Identity and Parish

At the cornerstone of who we are and what we do at St Clare’s is our commitment to the Catholic life of the Church. Our students are actively engaged in the formation process through the delivery of high quality Religious Education lessons using the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) Religious Education program.

Aside from our Religious Education program, the Catholic identity of the school is supported through an active school prayer life in which important liturgical events within the calendar of the Church are highlighted.

Each day classes engage in a variety of prayer experiences and learn a number of the common prayers depending on the grade level of the students. These prayers include The sign of the Cross,The Lord’s Prayer, The Hail Mary, The Glory Be, The Act of Contrition, The Confiteor, The Creed, The Prayer of St Francis and The Parts of the Mass and The Rosary. In addition to these prayers, each school day concludes with our student leaders leading us in praying our school prayer.

St Clare’s also supports the work of Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, St Vincent de Paul – including a Mini Vinnies group that meets weekly. Our involvement in environmental initiatives to ‘care for our common home’ is also an important hallmark of our Catholic Identity at St Clare’s, as our faith in God – expressed through our commitment to prayer and worship – calls us to action.


Our school is part of the St Paul's Camden Catholic Parish community.

There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff and families may become involved. All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and church life. Participation in weekend Mass is encouraged. View the Parish Mass Times here.

On many occasions throughout the year, the students are able to participate in both Eucharistic and non-eucharistic liturgies, which are designed to give thanks for the many rich blessings we have received here at St Clare’s.  

Our parish priest, Fr Michael Williams, generally presides over our whole school ceremonies, which are coordinated through the school. At other times, our Assistant Priest may preside, or the students themselves may lead them.  On occasions when grade celebrations occur, these services will often focus on an aspect of their classroom learning. The school hall provides a wonderful venue for such celebrations and the opportunity for parents to attend and experience some of the great hospitality that is such a feature of St Clare’s.

For significant occasions throughout the year like our Opening School Mass, our Feast Day Mass and our End of Year Mass, the students travel by bus to St Paul’s, our parish church, to celebrate Mass. Plans are currently in place for the construction of our very own church on-site at the front of the school.

Parish sacramental celebrations also provide an opportunity to celebrate students' life of faith with fellow parishioners. The parish provides programs of preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation each year. Enrolment for the sacraments occurs through the parish. The school-based Religious Education curriculum supports and enriches this program of preparation. There is an expectation that children preparing for the sacraments attend weekend Mass along with their families each week during the preparation period.  Read more about our sacramental programs.

For more information, visit the St Paul's Parish website.