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Counselling and Other CatholicCare Services

St Clare's works in partnership with CatholicCare to provide counselling services for students and their families. Our school is fortunate to have available an experienced counsellor who has a background working with children and supporting families.

The school counsellor’s role involves supporting the wellbeing and development of students, parents, families and the school community. When students attend counselling each session is tailored to the students particular needs. In order to access the counselling service, parental consent is needed.

Our school counsellor, Vi Le Hong, is available at the school two days per week and can be contacted via the school office

(Please note, school counsellors may only work part-time, so for any urgent matters, please contact the school office.)

Read more about CatholicCare’s counselling as part of their School, Student and Family Program (SSFP), which promotes the wellbeing and development of students attending Catholic schools in the Macarthur.

CatholicCare also provides counselling and a variety of courses and educational programs outside of school. For more information on these programs and services, visit the CEDoW information page and the CatholicCare website.